Pharmaceutical industry ow doubled

Posted by: DingLiTime: 2017-11-23

Pharmaceutical Network March 2 hearing Flush data show that as of March 1, A shares of a total of 194 biomedical listed companies release performance notice. 157 listed companies release performance bulletin.

Data show that in the performance notice of listed companies, 147 listed companies are expected to achieve year-on-year performance in 2017 to achieve growth, of which 35 listed companies are expected last year's performance will double. Another 47 listed companies performance decline in varying degrees, of which 24 bio-pharmaceutical companies performance decline of more than 50%.

In an interview with Securities Daily, Shi Li-chen, the founder of the third-party medical service platform, said in the interview with the Securities Daily in 2017 that the performance of enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry in 2017 will be in general performance. In 2018, with the full implementation of the two-vote system, Drug bidding, the second bargaining and other sets of portfolio policy under the influence of the drug prices are expected to further reduce the use of non-therapeutic drugs further restricted the performance of enterprises will be even more bleak.

In addition, an industry official told reporters that the future of the pharmaceutical industry will be more evident. High-quality enterprises will get better and better, while poor enterprises will be gradually eliminated.